Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi… where to begin! It was only supposed to be our home for 10 days but that quickly turned into 2 weeks, then 3 – and now we’re reluctantly leaving, saying goodbye to our friends and feeling homesick to a place that isn’t even technically our home. It sure felt like it was though!

We had some ups and downs, as every traveler does. We went parasailing (see video). It was Francis’s first time but not mine and I was, perhaps, overly confident that this sketchy boat operation would show us a smooth ride.


A Fishing Boat dock in South Langkawi.

“You just glide up. It’s not scary at all.” I told everyone on the boat before the first person went up into the air. Well, our turn came, and we were both happy and smiling, about to take flight. The moment of bliss ended quickly when the rope started jerking and my sunglasses went flying into the sea as a jolting nylon strap decked me in the face and the bicep, leaving me with a nice scab next to my eye and a bruise on my arm about the size of a tennis ball. As we got off the boat the driver shouted, “Sorry about your sunglaaaaass!”. Pretty funny, but I was more concerned about my arm than my 15 ringgit ($4) faux Raybans. However, at least the unanticipated violence made for a more exciting ride.


The sand bar outside of Tanjung Puteri (our campsite/motel).

But to balance out the misfortune, Francis got his share as well. We were walking out to Skull Beach, which is not as ominous as it sounds, and Francis noticed some cute Dusky Leaf Monkeys in the trees. “Look! Right above us!” He looked and pointed up. I glanced and then kept moving. Then I hear shouting from behind me. The monkey peed straight down onto Francis’ face. Perhaps as a defense mechanism? Either way, I’m not sure which is worse. Getting a bruise or getting peed on.

Anyway, aside from that there was nothing too bad. We had a few people attempt and fail at ripping us off (mostly in the tourist-ridden areas) and we did have a little boy on a motorbike flip us off (much too young to be riding a motorbike I might add, but that’s pretty common around here). Everything else was pretty much smooth sailing once we got used to the giant bugs (like big, hairy spiders the size of my hand).


Saying goodbye to Alex and Nin.

But all of the adventure and all of the things we saw couldn’t hold a candle to the amazing people we met. Two hilarious and chill Austrian travelers, a traveling Canadian family of 4 (traveling for 2 years with 2 young girls!), a wonderful family from Estonia who we had so much in common with and, our favorites, Alex and Nin, a couple from Germany that are probably the warmest, kindest people we’ve ever met. We had so much fun sharing our terrible American music with them and listening to their (way better) European music while laughing and talking about our travels.


Admiring the Durian Perangin waterfall.

Of course we can’t forget the lovely family that lives at the motel, Mie, Suriya and their daughter. Mie is Malay and Suriya is Thai. Amazing how we could stay up late into the night talking with them when they only speak a few words of English and we speak almost no Malay and definitely no Thai (yet, that is). It’s astounding how much you can communicate with just gestures and expressions… and a lot of laughter! They were even kind enough to take us with them to the beach on what seemed to be Mie’s only day off. Such generous, giving people and a very happy family! The love between them was so clear just by their actions and the big, genuine smiles on their faces. You just don’t see that everywhere you go.


Sunset from Tanjung Rhu Beach.

So, in a nutshell: As you can see from the video, the places we’ve seen are incredible. Beautiful scenery, fun and sometimes sketchy experiences, great food… everything we wanted in a trip. But what we didn’t capture was all of the people we met, all the conversations we had with them, and all of the things we’ve learned from them – and that is what makes the trip truly memorable.

So enjoy the video, and remember, don’t travel unless you plan on never coming home because you WILL get addicted.



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    March 6, 2017 at 12:56 am

    Hey Kids…looks like too much fun, we watched your video on r coffee break (while wasting chips!!), love it. Is there anyway you could both smile once in a while…!!!You are sooo cute. K we gotta go Myles is coming in and we r supposed to be painting, Love you, Kori, Aunty Cindy and your Mumma.

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    March 6, 2017 at 2:52 am

    That was so wonderful!Such amazing experiences.Yes I suppose you will be like your cousin Blaine and be hooked on traveling.So great to really enjoy being together and seeing such interesting things.Glad to hear about the great people you meet.Life is great here.Carlin is wanting to be independent so I still haven’t gone over to the trailer.I made him up a couple meals and asked him to stop on his way home from work,but he said that’s okay grandma I have food at home.So I ate them my ownself!I am proud of him.i see he is so ready to be on his own.He knows if he gets bored or lonesome I can come over.Vern would take me anytime.I got so spoiled with your mom and Cindy picking me up for church and shopping,and now that they are away Peggy picks me up for church and Vern picks me up for prayer meetings.My friend down the hall who I always went places with is not well and so doesn’t drive much anymore.I am planning to spend a few days with Mary in Calgary later this month.Perry is going to Ontario to do some training of his guys there.They are planning a party in April to celebrate Alex grad from university.Take good care,I am praying safety,health,and every blessing for ya lots gram.

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    • Reply
      Kristin and Francis Quinn
      March 8, 2017 at 5:51 am

      We truly are getting hooked on traveling! Although I have to admit, we are missing hot water and good American BBQ. 🙂
      Glad to hear everything is going good in Castor – we can’t wait to come visit you again! I sure miss you, Carlin and the rest of the gang. Love you lots grandma!

  • Reply
    Linda Armstrong
    March 6, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    You two are so stinkin’ cute. You will never come home. Looks like you are having an amazing time. I am so happy for you. I still miss you but glad you have the opportunity to do this. Stay safe. XOXOXO

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