Hi, I’m Kristin – a 24 year-old who is passionate about wildlife conservation, conquering every day fears, and trying to adopt every stray dog in sight.

I always believed traveling the world was a lofty life-goal I’d never achieve on my less-than mediocre hourly pay scale. And now look at me! An amateur writer and photographer – that’s what I call livin’ the dream.

I started this blog with my husband for our friends and family, and also as a sort of “diary” that we could remember our trip by. Now, I’d like it to be much more.

My goal is to show people they can and should travel even if they aren’t a trust fund kid or a paid Nat Geo photographer. Traveling is an important part of personal development – to experience other cultures, witness sufferings greater than your own, and connect with people all over the world is a great honor and one that helps you grow into a more joyous, compassionate human being. It’s something everyone can benefit from.

So take a trip with us – And start mapping out a trip of your own! It doesn’t take a fortune. The world is full of beautiful places, kind people, and unimaginable opportunities waiting to be discovered. You just have to take the first step.

Hey, I’m Francis. Just your average mid-twenties and slightly immature American male who loves to travel and spend time with his wife. I also love random facts, learning obscure things, getting a first-hand look at how things are made, or how different people overcome problems.

To me, traveling is the perfect way to answer either random or sincere questions that I’ve always had – and more often than not, it provides the answers to questions I didn’t even think to ask.

Aside from gaining both unnecessary and necessary knowledge, you can also watch me and my wife try things that we never thought we would do. Like my wife conquering her fear of the open ocean and becoming a PADI certified scuba diver or my quest to seek out and eat weird local foods which almost never turn out the way I imagined. If you are really lucky you’ll be able to witness me finally finding a sampling of insects to try which will inevitably disgust my wife.

Sounds great, right? What are you waiting for? Go plan your next adventure. And if you need any suggestions, or if you just have some time to kill before your plane takes off, keep following our website on this journey or the next.